‘Nyan Tomo Seiketsu Toire’ Litter Box from KAO

By featuring many cats and interviewing their creative owners, ilove.cat has come to make some realizations. One of these involves litter boxes. If you live with a cat, you can’t escape this issue. However, we have come to find that all of the creative people that we’ve met who use KAO’s ‘Nyan Tomo Seiketsu Toire‘ manage to live without bad cat odors. Needless to say, they are quite satisfied with the product. After researching many different litter boxes, we discovered that the ‘Nyan Tomo Seiketsu Toire’ not only has a beautiful design, but that it is also Japan’s top-selling litter box system (based on Intage SRI data, Oct. 2009 – Sept. 2011). Being popular and much-loved by creative people, we decided to do this feature on the ‘Nyan Tomo Seiketsu Toire’.

Illustrator Kuniko Nagasaki and her cats, Soyo and Gonta

When we last interviewed Kuniko Nagasaki and met her cat, Gonta, we heard a story about how Gonta eats kitty litter when he’s stressed out. This time, she decided to try out the ilove.cat-featured ‘Nyan Tomo Seiketsu Toire‘ to see if it makes a difference.

“Actually, after the last interview, my cat named Soyo stopped peeing in the litter box. Though I have two litter boxes lined up next to the toilet for people, Soyo instead chose to pee in the corner of the room. I had no choice but to put down some paper ‘pet sheets’ in the area. The smell was terrible, the flooring was stained, and I had to get my hands all messy. Without knowing why Soyo was doing this, I spent about six terrible months having to clean up the mess on a daily basis. However, when I recently switched to the ‘Nyan Tomo Seiketsu Toire’, Soyo returned to using her litter box. Though only Soyo probably knows the reason why, she instantly took a liking to the new litter box. Though I gradually mixed in old litter with the new, the switch to ‘Nyan Tomo Seiketsu Toire’ was fast and easy. It seems that neither of my two cats have much of a preference when it comes to types of litter. Previously, because I washed the entire litter boxes about once per month, I didn’t actually consider getting a new litter box. Getting this new one made me realize for the first time that there are different litter box options. I really like the colors of the ‘Nyan Tomo Seiketsu Toire’. Moreover, even though I’m now using the ‘open-type’, I am considering the ‘dome-type’ as well. I was also interested in trying out the ‘Nyan Tomo’ because I heard about how they allow you to easily check the condition of a cat’s urine. It relaxes me to know that the color is normal. Though I’ve never really worried about my cats until now, I think I should make it a habit to check their urine as they get older.”

Chef Tomo Kurihara and her cat named ‘Dump’

Since taking in Dump, Ms. Kurihara has been a big fan of the ‘Nyan Tomo Seiketsu Toire’. She discusses why it became her preferred litter box.

“At home growing up with a cat, I simply filled a box with kitty litter. It stunk pretty bad. After getting Dump, a friend of mine recommended the ‘Nyan Tomo Seiketsu Toire’ and told me that they didn’t have a bad odor. Because I only need to change the mat once a week, this litter box is extremely convenient. The main reason I prefer using the dome-type ‘Nyan Tomo’ is that I’m quite sensitive to smells. Moreover, the litter tends to stay put with the dome. Considering that the design is also great, I believe this is the perfect litter box. Actually, because I just produced a new restaurant in Kyoto, I want to be able to take Dump with me when I visit. Therefore, I plan to put another ‘Nyan Tomo’ in the Kyoto office.”

Gin and Guri – As featured in ‘snapshots’

Gin and Guri were featured in our ‘snapshots’ section. Their owner, Sawako Akune, is a fan of the the ‘Nyan Tomo Seiketsu Toire’. Having used it for three years, we asked her to discuss how she utilizes it.

“After taking in a cat, I’ve did quite a bit of research into litter boxes. Because I spend a lot of time away from home, I searched for a litter box that didn’t need constant care. I eventually chose the ‘Nyan Tomo Seiketsu Toire’ because I thought it’s large pieces of litter wouldn’t get all over the place. Moreover, because the litter and mat are systematically separated, the litter box has absolutely no odor. After actually using the ‘Nyan Tomo’, I came to like it even more. Therefore, I get a new one every year. My current one is the third generation. When cats go to the bathroom, they will never make eye contact with you. Though I’ve tried using the ‘open type’ before, I found that Gin and Guri are more relaxed when they use the ‘dome type’ because it gives them a place to hide. Because they have never had any kind of major illness, I only take them to the vet once a year. However, it is extremely helpful that the ‘Nyan Tomo Seiketsu Toire’ has a system for checking the condition of my cats’s pee. This helps prevent illnesses of the urinary tract. When my cats don’t have an appetite or seem to not be feeling alright, it’s quite convenient to be able to check if something is wrong by myself. I also think that the ‘Nyan Tomo Seiketsu Toire’ has a very unique design. Though you can get them in pink and other stylish colors, I like brown because it is easy to match with a room’s interior. I actually have a friend who used a fancy litter box from overseas. However, because they couldn’t order litter or additional sheets, they eventually switched to a ‘Nyan Tomo’. The fact that you can get ‘Nyan Tomo Seiketsu Toire’ goods online via Amazon or at the local supermarket just makes them that much more convenient.”

Nyan Tomo Seiketsu Toire’ by KAO

Product Line-up

’Nyan Tomo Seiketsu Toire’ Litter Box Set (Dome Type) in ivory / brown

’Nyan Tomo Seiketsu Toire’ Litter Box Set (Open Type) in ivory / brown

Deodorizing・Antibacterial Litter (large-grain = 6 mm diameter)/(small grain = 4 mm diameter)

Deodorizing・Antibacterial Mats (includes 6 Mats)

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* More information on how to prevent feline urinary tract disorders through regular urine checks

* Through April 13, 2012, KAO has a special offer that saves you 1,000 yen on litter box sets.